Children’s Cancer Network

Children’s Cancer Network

Children's Cancer Network (CCN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance to Arizona families battling childhood cancer. Established in 2004, CCN strives to support children and families throughout their cancer journey with programs designed to provide financial assistance, promote education, encourage healthy lifestyles, build self-esteem, and create awareness of the issues they face related to childhood cancer.

CCN is committed to helping children and families dealing with the stressful and uncertain times that begin with initial diagnosis and often continue for years thereafter. At the moment of diagnosis, CCN is there with our signature Admission Bag offering a host of resources, niceties, and necessities with which to begin their journey. The support continues with gas and food cards, wigs, beds, adopt-a-family programs at financially stressful times, scholarships and more.

Specialized programs like “CCN Café” for parents and “All Star Siblings” offer each family member access to support designed to meet their needs. CCN is also pleased to fund a dedicated therapist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital so families may receive counseling at no cost.

Health and wellness is a prime focus for CCN and our families. “It’s All About You” offers an opportunity to learn about yourself and others around you, making connections with those walking a similar journey. “HOPE: Honoring our Peers Everyday” is CCN’s education program helping K-12 students to learn about childhood cancer in an age appropriate, interactive way while empowering each student to realize that they can make a difference. HOPE has reached over 3,000 students statewide and eases the transition of our cancer fighters back into school.

CCN partners with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Banner Children’s Medical Centers at Cardon’s in Mesa, Thunderbird in Glendale, and Diamond’s in Tucson. Our intent is to fill the gaps and assist where we are able to do so. We strive to address the highest priority needs at the time when they are needed most. Our intention is for each family to realize they are not alone in their fight against cancer. Giving hope to children and families is our goal.