Jack Welch was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and he was an awful shade of grey. He fought to live. He weaned himself off breast milk around 6 months because he was hungry for more, he started eating pork chops and pizza right away, with no teeth. He fought to live. At the age of 4 he was diagnosed with Leukemia and darn it he fought that too. He was obviously born to be a fighter, a super strong one.

Jack Welch: Then

Our days are no longer filled with clinic visits, pokes, chemo, steroids, and cranial radiation. He fought through all those things. Now they are filled with 7 th grade, baseball, football, video games, trips to the lake, mountain biking, and fun! Being 12 is a gift and Jack is enjoying every single minute of it. He struggles with side effects from the chemo and cranial radiation, but guess what, he is fighting through them. He is a hard worker at school and on the field. He couldn’t be a nicer, happier, more wonderful kid. We adore him. Cancer changed his life, but he is here to continue to fight whatever comes up against him.

Jack Welch: Now