Seven-year-old Mia Bryant was the Honorary Race Starter for Run to Fight Children’s Cancer on March 7, 2015. Diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was six years old, Mia has relearned the ability to walk and talk. She is now 10 years old and a 4th grader! She loves to swim, write in her journal, and watch movies.

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Since Mia’s treatment there’s been many obstacles for her to overcome. She has struggled in school, the impact of her brain trauma has affected her short term memory and radiation has stunted her growth. She been through Physical, occupational, and speech therapy. She is now on a growth hormone. She is on an IEP for school and it’s helping her out tremendously. She works very hard, her level of discipline and organization is very impressive for someone only 12 yrs old. Mia has a heart of gold, she thinks about everyone else before thinking of herself. She often goes to the store with me and she always insists that we take something back for her mom and brothers. We are a goofball family, fun loving and enjoy being together and having fun. We are blessed and give God all the credit for getting through the hard times and giving our family a 2nd chance with Mia. We enjoy every minute with her and pray that we have many many more years together.